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maandarinee: "Ok, I know you made that post like AGES ago but WHERE DID YOU GET THAT "I'm worried about Andrew" GIF FROM?! I'm having a lot of "Chronicle" feels right now and asjdhkajsdfajsdgja"

oh!! if it’s the one I’m thinking of I’m pretty sure it can be found in the deleted scenes somewhere. Or if not there then in one of the original trailers? If you look around for all the scenes that they cut from the movie on YouTube you’ll be in for a treat! There’s some really great stuff haha

hey it’s me i’ve been really inactive and my blog was banned for url hoarding so now i’m back because you only appreciate what you have when they take it away you know

so to the crazy amount of people still following me for god knows what reason i’m here again maybe sometimes but you’ll probably find me here because i made a new blog in my spare time for anime and games and shit

oh by the way in case you’re confused i used to be like um danedehaan, jamesfranc0s, ezramiller, stuff like that